Continuing along the same streaming and personal dropbox themes, I’ve been I’ve been using Windows Home Server 2011 RC in preparation for the final release. Windows Home Sever 2011 is a home server operating system developed by Microsoftto succeed the Windows Home Server operating system. So of the major benefits of using WHS in your home are:

  • Centralized backup - Allows backup of up to 10 PCs, using Single-instance storage technology to avoid multiple copies of the same file, even if that file exists on multiple PCs. The PC backup allows you to either restore an entire PC or selected files from a given PC. Backups work on both PCs and Macs
  • Health monitoring - Can centrally track the health of all PCs on the network, including antivirus and firewall status.
  • File sharing - Offers network shares for computers to store the files remotely, acting as a network-attached storage device. Separate categories are provided for common file types like Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. The files are indexed for fast searching.
  • Printer sharing - Allows a centralized print server to handle print jobs for all users.
  • Headless operation - No monitor or keyboard is required to manage the device. Remote administration is performed by using the Windows Home Server Luanchpad client software provided in the bundle. Also supports Remote Desktop Services connections to the server while connected to the same LAN.
  • Remote access gateway - Allows remote access to any connected PC on the network, including the server itself, over the Internet.
  • Media streaming - Can stream media to an Xbox 360 or other devices supporting Windows Media Connect. Extensibility through add-Ins - Add-Ins allow third-party developers to extend the features and functionality of the server.
  • Add-Ins can be developed using the Windows Home Server SDK, to provide additional services to the client computers or work with the data already on the server. Add-Ins can also be ASP.NET applications, hosted in the latest version of IIS running on WHS. Server backup -
  • Backs up files which are stored within shared folders on the server to an external hard drive.

The most compelling accept of WHS 2011 is the remote access feature, you can create users who can access your remote website and depending on the privileges assigned to each user, they can either read or read/write the contents of the shared folders. If the user has full access they can delete files and upload files like dropbox, all users will have the ability to download files from the server as well as watch the Movies or TV Shows that are on the server anywhere.

I’m saving the walk-thorough and the setup until the final release, when I build my 40TB storage monster. But for now here are some screen shots for you to see.

This is the website login area.

This is your servers website home page. Here the user can seen the shared folders that they can access as well as the media libraries that are available for remote streaming.

Here’s a look at WHS 2011 shared folders area.

In these pictures you can see the remote media streaming function that are available in WHS 2011

The Video streaming is very well done, I was able to watch an entire movie remotely at reasonably good resolution and with no slowdowns.

I wonder if I’ll be able to convince my works IT to upgrade my PC a bit (so I can watch movies at work :p)

So stay tuned for my WHS 2011 monster server when Microsoft finally releases WHS 2011 for retail.

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